Mold doesn’t care about zip codes. Mold is not concerned with how new or old a building might be. No, mold is only concerned with one thing: moisture. 

If you have moisture, then you have the potential for mold. 

Really, that’s all mold needs to grow. 

Even a little bit of black mold can become a big, serious problem very quickly. 

What’s worse is that you may not know when it’s there.

If there’s mold in the corners of your home, on the floor, or somewhere similar, of course you would clean it up. But, the mold in your walls, beneath your floors, and elsewhere that’s out of sight can present a real problem. 

That’s where we come in. 

We’ve been providing Chatsworth and the surrounding area with the kind of mold remediation services they deserve. Mold removal in Chatsworth is just one more way that we can help building owners to take care of their buildings as well as the people inside them. 


Identifying any Potential Problems 


Mold may enter your building through moisture, but it reproduces using spores. Now, you might think: “OK, but how does that work? Mold doesn’t just get up and walk on its own.” 

No. The mold spores travel on air currents. 

Where do you have air currents? 

In places that use a lot of air conditioning. 

If you’ve ever been in Chatsworth for any length of time, then you know how hot it can get, and how necessary air conditioning is. 

Mold doesn’t need a lot of moisture to grow. Rather, all it needs is some moisture, some time, and air currents. Chatsworth buildings tend to have all of those. 

When you reach out to us at Scope Environmental, we’ll be glad to come to your location and see what and even if you have a mold problem. 

Utilizing our technology and our years of experience, we’re able to find any and all mold. That means we’ll find the mold in the areas you can’t reach, the places you can’t see. No mold is safe from us. 

Once we’ve done a thorough evaluation, we’ll tell you the real truth about what’s going on. 

Then, if necessary, we’ll get right to work. 


Mold Removal Chatsworth Deserves 


No one should have to live with the effects of black mold, nor should they have to work in an environment with it. 

Our professionals don’t just provide mold removal, we provide mold remediation. That means that we eliminate the mold entirely, yes, but it also means that we can help your building to recover from the mold, too. 

These molds are genuinely toxic. They can harm buildings as well as people. We can come in, clear them out, and mitigate the damage. 

We do this using proven techniques and methods, many of which involve EPA-approved items. Finding and removing the mold is job one, but it’s also important to eradicate the source of excess moisture that’s causing the mold, too. 

To talk to a professional, you can reach us any time at (818) 572-9008