Unfortunately, mold can be found everywhere. 

At Scope Environmental, it seems like we’ve found mold just about everywhere that mold can be found. We’ve found mold in old, musty basements. By that same token, we’ve found mold in the most advanced, cutting-edge newer buildings as well. 

The truth is that dangerous mold often doesn’t appear in a building due to someone’s failure. Rarely is it someone’s “fault” that mold came to cause problems. 

Rather, it’s that mold can grow on almost any substance when moisture is present. If you have moisture, then you have the potential for mold. 

One thing we can tell you: we remove mold from anywhere we find it. We offer the kinds of mold removal services Woodland Hills deserves. 


Typical Causes of Mold 


Woodland Hills has so much in it. An important part of Southern California, Woodland Hills is one of those places that people come from all over the world to visit and live in. 

When people think of “Southern California,” “rain” is not the thing that they think of first. “Beaches,” “sun,” “heat,” “Hollywood” – those are just a few of the other words that come to mind first. However, it does rain in Woodland Hills and the surrounding area. 

When it does, it can lead to mold. 

We all do everything we can to make sure that our homes and other kinds of buildings are in good working order. However, sometimes we don’t notice a leaky roof. Or, we don’t realize that the roof is leaky until a hole has already opened in it. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for mold to get a foothold. 

Just a little bit through a hole in the ceiling can lead to mold. In large part, that’s because mold can grow outside of where you can see it. 

Sure, you might be able to notice mold in the corners, in the crevasses, and so forth. 

However, when mold is behind or inside walls, you literally can’t see it. You might not be aware it’s there until it’s already harmed your building or your health. That’s where we come in. 


What We Can Do 


Here at Scope Environmental, we’ve been providing mold remediation to the Woodland Hills area for a long time. We know what works for homes in the area. 

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that “homes” are not the only places that mold can grow. It can just as easily appear in commercial establishments as well. 

Regardless of where we find mold, our pros will come in and thoroughly inspect your building. 

If there’s mold in there, anywhere, we’ll find it. 

Then, we’ll put together a plan for specifically dealing with your mold. What works for your Woodland Hills building won’t be the same as what’s most effective elsewhere. 


Mold Removal in Woodland Hills and Elsewhere 


If you suspect that you have mold, there’s really no time to waste. Mold does not go away on its own. It does not get tired and move out, nor does it evaporate. It has to be removed. Our professionals can figure out exactly what’s going on and how to proceed. 

For more information, we are available 24/7 at (818) 572-9008