If you own your own home, you probably take a certain level of pride in keeping it clean. After all, this space is your sanctuary, and even if you do not frequently entertain guests or host gatherings, it is still your living area. While you can certainly clean your carpeting, scrub your floors and surfaces, and deal with dust on your own, some tasks can be a bit overwhelming to handle. The discovery of insidious mold can be such a challenge. At face value, mold is unpleasant to look at, and it can also have a rather heinous odor. Additionally, mold can cause structural problems, and in some cases, it can pose a health risk to those exposed to it. With that said, if you identify a fungus taking hold in your home, it is prudent to seek out a professional mold abatement service. 

When you first see mold, your natural inclination may be to get out a cleaning solution and scrub it away. While this tactic works just fine in, say, a shower, other types of mold can be taking root in places unseen to the naked eye, and that is where a service like ours at Scope Environmental can help.

You might know what mold is when you see it, but do you really understand just what it is? Well, on a basic level, mold is a naturally occurring fungus that thrives in areas with excess moisture. With that said, it can sprout up pretty much anywhere under the right conditions. Mold also can come in just about every color of the rainbow–green, yellow, orange, white, and even black. In most situations, mold is not a huge risk to your health, though when left untreated, loose mold spores can enter your home’s HVAC system and in turn get into your respiratory system. When this occurs, you and your other occupants can begin to feel allergy-like symptoms, so you really do not want to prolong your exposure to it. Read on to learn more about how a professional service will tackle removing mold from your home.

mold abatement

How Exactly is Mold Abatement Carried Out?

Whether you can see a mold problem growing in plain sight, or you suspect it may be flourishing behind your walls or in your ceiling, it is best to obtain a professional assessment. A mold cleaning crew will visit your home and thoroughly diagnose the situation, sometimes using special tools and techniques to peek behind walls. Once they have determined the type of mold that you are dealing with, they can then formulate a removal plan, which can be carried out in a couple ways. Certain types of mold can be painted over with a special type of paint. Other kinds will need to be cut out completely. There are also chemical solutions called biocides which can be sprayed on mold in order to kill it. 

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