You do your best to keep your home clean and smelling fresh. After all, your home is your sanctuary, so it stands to reason that would take some pride in keeping it presentable. Sometimes, though, there are issues with cleaning that can be hard to tackle on your own. If you have an upcoming family gathering or party, having a foul odor embedded in your home can be especially frustrating. This is doubly true if you cannot locate the source of this odor, and air fresheners, candles, or just opening the windows is not taking care of its abatement. Well, the good news is that there are professional cleaning services out there that specialize in odor removal. By working with a private business, you can get unwanted smells thoroughly extracted from your home, offering you the peace of mind that can only come from a fresh and clean living space.

If you have a persistent odor, you are probably asking yourself, how did it get there in the first place? While smelly garbage or spills are easier to identify, the sources of certain odors are not always discernible to the naked eye. The reasons for this can be many, but very commonly, it is due to mold or rot that is beneath your carpeting or inside of your walls. When you are dealing with this type of odor, it can be very difficult to extract it on your own. Still, you may want to try solving the issue yourself first.

Odor Removal: Trying it Yourself

Depending on where unwanted odors in your home reside, there are measures you can take to get rid of them. For example, you can try thoroughly cleaning out your trash can. Placing baking soda in your refrigerator can also absorb foul food smells. It can also be helpful to clean your dishwasher fairly regularly, as bad odors can accumulate within the machine. Household cleaners like Lysol can also be effective at killing bacteria and the odors that they create. 

Working with a Professional

Certain odors are best removed by professionals. This is especially true when it comes to unseen mold, or fire and smoke damage. A professional service will use HEPA-filtration methods to purify the air. They may also use a chemical such as hydroxyl to fundamentally alter the molecules within the air. You may also find that a professional cleaner will use thermal fogging as a way to dispense with unwanted odors. This fog features particles that will attack and neutralize odor particles. Some services will also use solutions such as Ozone to remove bad smells and odors. 

Odor Removal

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