Disinfection and Environmental Remediation Services

For years, Scope Environmental has provided clients with environments that are clean, healthy, and above all, safe. With the rise of dangerous pathogens like COVID-19, that’s more important than ever. Scope Environmental’s services can eliminate 99.99% of pathogens like COVID-19 and others.

How Does Scope Make an Environment Safe?

Through cleaning and disinfection. While pathogens may enter your space in any number of ways, they tend to survive the best in unclean environments. So, we start with a thorough cleaning and then move to disinfection.

What Does Disinfection Entail?

A four-step, comprehensive remediation protocol. This isn’t something we came up with on our own, it follows strict CDC and EPA guidelines. Everything that we do and use, from the methods to the protocols to the materials, meets the highest possible standards.

What Kinds of Diseases Does This Eliminate?

Beyond COVID-19, our environmental remediation has proven 99.99% effective against the kinds of illnesses that are caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, and germs. This holds true even if these diseases are spread by animals, insects, from one person to another, or even through the air, soil, food, and more. If it gets into your place, we have a 99.99% probability of getting it out.

What are “Emerging Diseases,” and What Can Scope Do About Them?

“Emerging diseases” are ones that are either about to increase in an area or have. They could be new to you, have come back to your area, are just new in general, or the bacteria that cause them developed an antibiotic resistance. All of that is bad news, which is why you call us in.

The good news, however, is that many of these viruses are extremely weak against disinfects. That means we can deactivate them in a hurry, helping to make your environment that much safer and cleaner.

Do I Have to Wait Until Someone in My Space Gets Ill to Call Scope?

Absolutely not. Yes, if you believe that someone in your office, home, or anywhere else has COVID-19 or something similar, you should call us. However, many people call us when they’re about to re-open their business. Environmental remediation isn’t a “one and done” kind of thing. Indeed, many of our clients use our services often. That way, they can ensure a safe environment for their staff, colleagues, clients, investors, customers, and everyone else. There’s never a bad or wrong time to have environmental remediation services done.

So, What Can Scope Do For Me?

In brief, shortly after we arrive, we isolate and contain your location. Once everything is closed off completely, we construct a safe staging area. Our professionals, outfitted in the best PPE (as advised by the EPA and CDC) such as gloves, hazmat suits, face masks with respirators and more, install industrial purifier machines.

These machines will be strategically placed throughout your structure. That placement allows them to intake any airborne spores. Then, we wipe down every surface using EPA and CDC approved biocides. At that point, many pathogens will be eliminated. Others will become airborne – where they’ll be caught in our industrial air purifiers. They’ll then be destroyed through a three-layer filtration system. That’s how our process works in a nutshell, we can describe it in greater, more specific detail if you would like.

After Scope Environmental Does the Job, Can My Place Be Recontaminated?

Unfortunately, yes. Even after we’ve cleaned and disinfected everything people, products, animals, air, or something else could bring the pathogens back into your location.

So, What Can I Do Then?

Many of our clients use our services frequently. That way, they’re best prepared for this exact scenario. Other things to keep in mind: maintain social distancing and hygiene, have as much hand sanitizer and other cleaning products around as possible. Keep your place as clean as you can. Those are some ideas, we can discuss others with you.

At Scope Environmental, we understand that when it comes to pathogens, diseases, and more, we’re all in this together. If you want to know more about our services, how they could work in your facility, or if you believe that you need our services right away, you can message us through our site or call (855) 961-2660.

Download our Covid19-Re-Opening-Guide for information on how your business can safely re-open under the current quarantine conditions.

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