If you own your own home, or your own business, you probably pride yourself on your ability to handle do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. There is something noble in that, as it not only gives you a sense of pride, but it can also save you a fair amount of the cost that comes with working with contractors. While you can certainly add a new coat of paint to the walls, fix a broken window shudder, or even tighten up a leaky faucet, there are certain jobs that are best left to the professionals. One such task is navigating the Mold Removal process. Mold, while unsightly and often odorous, can show itself obviously, appearing in grout or on walls in musty areas of your home, but it can also be more insidious. Mold frequently hides behind walls and underneath carpeting, so while you think you may have scrubbed it all away, it can sometimes be merely the tip of the iceberg. With this in mind, contacting a professional mold remediation service such as ours at Scope Environmental can be a prudent maneuver to thoroughly remove any trace of mold from your home.

You may know when you see it, as mold typically has a color to it. It can be green, white, orange, yellow–really any color of the rainbow. There is also black mold, which can be potentially dangerous when its particles enter your lungs. So, just what is mold? At a basic level, mold is a fungus that occurs naturally both indoors and outdoors, just about anywhere in the world–including sunny Los Angeles, California. All mold needs to thrive is a little bit of moisture, so one of the best ways you can avoid a mold problem is to clean up any excess water and keep your living space dry. Left unattended to, it is easy for mold to spread, and once it adheres to a surface, especially if it is hidden to the naked eye, it can be difficult and expensive to remove. Read on to learn more.

How Does Mold Removal Work?

If you have a mold problem, and you Call a remediation service, there is a general process you can expect to play out. First, trained and certified technicians will come to your home and make a thorough assessment of your mold infestation. This can include pulling up carpet and exploring gaps in your walls. Once the totality of your mold problem has been diagnosed, they can determine the best chemical solution, typically a biocide, to use on the particular strain of mildew. This will mean bringing in ventilation equipment and sometimes using hazmat suits. A professional service may also use a special kind of paint when they are done to keep the mold from coming back.

Mold Removal

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