It is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. There is an unusually musty smell, or a room feels aggressively damp. You move a piece of furniture and unsightly mold spores reveal themselves. Mold and mildew, while common just about everywhere, can be tricky to fully remove on your own. When it appears in small amounts, say within your tile grout, you can typically scrub it away yourself with some store-bought cleaning solutions. If mold is a bit more pervasive in your home, or if it is under the floor or behind the walls, you may need to hire out professional mold abatement services. While this may seem like a costly headache, an effective professional service such as ours at Scope Environmental can get the job done quickly at a reasonable rate. If you should find yourself in this unfortunate position, you may be wondering, how does professional mold removal work? What can they do that I cannot do on my own? Well, read on to learn more.

If you are navigating a mold issue, it is helpful to know just what it is you are dealing with. On a fundamental level, mold is a fungus that spreads via airborne spores. Those spores then settle on a hospitable surface and can spread from there. Mold can typically be found in areas with excessive moisture both indoors and outdoors. There are also a number of different types of mold, and it can come in a variety of different colors, such as green, orange, white, and black. In addition to being pretty odorous and gross to look at, mold can also cause allergic reactions for some people. This is because mold spores can be breathed in, ultimately causing an adverse effect on your respiratory system. While it is typically not something to lose sleep over, you should have mold thoroughly removed from your home for the benefit of your family’s health and wellbeing. 

What is Mold Abatement?

When a mold removal team comes into your home, they will first thoroughly diagnose the extent of your problem. Once they identify the type of mold you are dealing with, as well as where it is located, they can devise an effective abatement strategy. Typically, this means spraying the impacted area with a biocide to kill the mold spores. They may also need to remove sections of flooring and drywall. In some cases, areas impacted with mold may be painted over with a solution aimed at containing it. A team such as ours at Scope Environmental will use safety gear and ventilation equipment to get the job done in a safe fashion.

As a homeowner, you will want to consider how the mold got there in the first place in order to avoid future issues. This means dealing with leaks or other causes of moisture build-up in certain areas of your home.

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