Have you been worried that mold may have crept into your Canoga Park home? Does it seem like wherever you go through your building, you can get the faint, awful scent of mold? 

If that’s the case, then there’s really no time to waste. Calling professionals is the right thing to do. 

Absolutely, if you see mold, clean it up. Removing it is a good thing. Unfortunately, all too often, the real problem is the mold you can’t see. The mold in the walls or below the floor – that’s the mold that’s going to turn black. 

Respiratory problems (or worse) in the people who come through your building, structural damage – mold can harm people and buildings in so many ways. 

Here at Scope Environmental, we offer the kind of mold removal Canoga Park deserves. 


Finding the Mold, then Removing It 


We have the technology and the expertise to find the mold, wherever it is. Through special sensors and other methods, we can see if there’s mold in your walls, in your floors, or anywhere else. 

Then, we can get right to work removing it. 

Removal, important though it may be, is not all there is to mold remediation. Indeed, it’s just one (very crucial) part of the process. 

Our goal, whenever possible, is to restore your building to the state it was in before the mold grew. 

That may sound like a tall task, but our experts are up to it. We’ve helped people in buildings just like yours in Canoga Park and all throughout the surrounding area to get their buildings back how they want them to be. 

You shouldn’t have to live with mold. Living with respiratory problems in a building that’s slowly being harmed by the mold – you deserve better than that. We can help. 


Always Available to Help with Mold 


The truth is that mold grows, but it also grows very rapidly. Really, mold grows in roughly one to ten days. That’s all it takes for mold to get a mold colony going. Once it starts, progress is rapid. 

Those are just some of the reasons that we are always available to you. 

At Scope Environmental, we know how quickly mold can arise as a problem. 

One day, everything is perfectly fine in your building. The next, it can seem like mold has just invaded. Worse, it can do so even if you can’t see the mold, but you’re worried that it’s there. However it arrived, we can make sure that it’s on its way out. 


Mold Removal in Canoga Park 


The first step to removing the mold from your building is to determine the extent of the mold damage. 

When you contact us, we’ll be there as soon as possible. Then, we’ll do a thorough examination to see exactly where mold might be hiding. Along the way, if there is mold, we’ll figure out how it got there, too. 

From there, we can provide you with the kind of remediation services that can make mold something you don’t have to worry about. To talk to an expert: (818) 572-9008.