Mold grows anywhere it can. 

You might think in an area like Tarzana, mold wouldn’t be able to grow. 

After all, mold requires moisture. 

While heavy rains can be possible in Southern California, it’s not what people associate with the area. 

However, mold doesn’t need all that much rain to get a foothold. It just needs a way in. 

If there’s a small crack in your roof, hole in your wall, or something similar, then that might be all that mold needs. 

If you believe that you have a mold problem, then it’s not the kind of thing that you want to do yourself. We can provide the kind of mold removal Tarzana and the surrounding area deserves. 


Mold Remediation Professionals 


You might think: “OK, it’s mold, not a wild, feral animal. I can get rid of it myself.” Well, not entirely. 

Keeping your building clean and neat, getting rid of any mold you see quickly is a great idea. However, that may not get rid of all of your mold. Indeed, you might not even get rid of a fraction of it. 

The truth is that, too often, mold grows in the spaces that we can’t see. 

Behind your walls. Under your floors. In basements, attics, crawl spaces – these are the areas where mold can grow best, beyond your view. 

“If that’s true,” you might think, “then how could mold cause health problems for people who come to our building?” 

Mold can travel indoors very quickly on air currents. If you have the air conditioning on (which is certainly part of life in Tarzana and really, all of Southern California) then you’re very likely to spread mold around. 

When you call the professionals, we can find and remove thoroughly any mold that your building may have. 


Mold Removal for Tarzana 


Beyond just mold removal, we offer mold remediation services. Removal is part of our remediation, but it doesn’t make up the entirety of the remediation. The truth is that removing mold is important. However, it’s equally important to do what’s necessary to keep mold problems from coming back. 

When you contact our professionals, we’ll come to your location. As soon as we arrive, we’ll perform a thorough evaluation to figure out exactly what’s going on with your mold. We’ll find where it is as well as what caused it. 

From there, we’ll do everything we can to remove the mold and then prevent it from coming back. 

That could include any number of technologies and methods. 

Whatever it takes, we can do. Sometimes, it means moving furniture. Other times, it means removing affected building materials. Any action that’s necessary to make sure that your building is mold-free, we’re more than willing to perform. 

We understand how important it is that you live or work in a mold-free space. So, we treat every building like it’s somewhere we live or work, offering the level of service that we would trust our own health with. To schedule a consultation, call (818) 572-9008.