Fires are destructive. They can affect any homes or properties. But after the fire, though, a property owner must use a smoke removal service to eliminate smoke odors. The reason for this is that smoke odor can cause harm to the body when inhaled. 


Importance of Smoke Removal Service 

As fire smoke enters or lingers the properly, its particles will attach to surfaces. The particles will also be embedded in carpeting and paint. If not treated properly, the smoke can linger for a longer period. It will jeopardize your house’s indoor air quality. Over time, it can endanger the occupants’ health. 


Because of the dangers of fire smoke, you must immediately clean the property to get rid of the odor. But you cannot just use any smoke removal tool. Rather, you must hire a smoke removal service. 

smoke removal service

At Scope Clean, we utilize state-of-the-art smoke removal equipment to properly clean your property and eliminate smoke odors. 


Why Not Remove the Odor Yourself 

If the fire was big, expect more smoke lingering in your house. The odor will be stronger and prevalent. The longer the odor lingers in a property, the more household materials will absorb the smell causing smoke damage. 


Because of the scope of the damage, you would need a professional smoke odor removal to do the cleaning for you. Our professional services can guarantee restoration of your home to bring back the smoke-free environment so you and your family can occupy your house safely. 


Our team will clean your property thoroughly. We ensure that your carpeting and upholstery will be tackled. As mentioned earlier, smoke particles can easily embed into carpeting and your upholstery. 


We will use certain products that can take in the smell. We will utilize a vacuum that comes with a HEPA filter. With this filter, we can be sure that the particles will not go back to the surface. 


We also utilize a steam cleaning method. Our team knows how to use it, especially on delicate materials.


When smoke enters your property, any fabric materials in the house will absorb the smoke and its odor. That said, we remove them when we clean your house. We will only bring them back once we have cleaned the house properly. 


We will also clean your HVAC system. Keep in mind smoke can easily linger in this system causing harm to the property’s air quality. Thus, we recommend changing all air filters. We will inspect your HVAC system and clean the air duct to ensure that the ventilation system will start to provide air quality. 


Our team will also eliminate smoke from the solid surfaces, like the baseboards, ceilings, doors, and furniture, among others. We utilize a cleaning solution to effectively clean these surfaces. We only utilize special cleaning products that are safe for humans. 


When you use our smoke removal service, we can assure you that we will send our team of technicians who are licensed and trained. They can fully get rid of smoke odor particles so you can restore air quality in your house. To schedule an appointment with us, please call: (888) 504 – 5525.