After a fire, it might feel like everything is lost. When fire burns through your home or commercial building, it destroys so much. Even a small fire can cause lasting damage. It’s normal to think “will my property ever be back the way it is?” That’s where we can help. Here at Scope Environmental, we’re remediation specialists. That means we can provide the kind of fire damage restoration in Los Angeles that can help genuinely restore your building. By that same token, we can restore your building after water damages it, too. 

Fire Damage Restoration in Los Angeles 

As of this writing, it’s late August. That means it’s hotter than ever outside. It’s been a while since there was any rain or precipitation. So, everything is liable to be a bit drier. These are the kinds of conditions that can lead to a devastating fire, however, it’s important to note that fires can occur in Southern California at any time. When they do, it’s important to have experts come to your home who can actually help to restore your home to a “pre-loss condition.” Should your carpets, furniture, draperies, and other building contents not be too charred, we can restore them to how they were. 

fire damage restoration in Los Angeles


It’s important to note that fire damage restoration is not “a cleaning.” Yes, cleaning is a part of what we do, but our job is so much more than just cleaning. There’s nothing janitorial about our services. We’re not there to clean, we’re there to literally restore. So, yes, cleaning is one part of our job, but in addition to that, we deodorize, refinish, and then restore items like hard furnishing and so much more. The truth is that smoke can cause damage, too. Whether you’re dealing with problems from fire or smoke, we can be there to help at any time. 

Water Damage can Be a Bigger Problem than You Think 

In August, there isn’t much (or any) rain in Southern California. However, that will probably change. As the months go, LA winters can lead to plenty of rain. So much rain in fact that flooding can become a problem in certain homes. That said, flooding is just one cause for LA water damage. Your pipes can burst even on a hot day. Plumbing fixtures can leak when it’s 100 degrees outside. No matter when or why water damage occurs, we can be there to restore your home. 

Restoration and Reclaiming 

Fire and water damage are serious problems. However, during this time, they probably aren’t the problem that we’re all worried about the most. COVID-19, unfortunately, isn’t going away. If you believe that your home or commercial building has had anyone enter it who may have contracted the virus (or come into contact with someone who has) then we can help there as well. We have a 99.99% success rate in removing pathogens such as COVID-19 from any building. If you need help with that, water damage, or fire damage, you can reach us at (818) 527-9008