Are you worried that recent rains have led to mold in your home? Are you looking for ways to keep mold from building up on your property? Here at Scope Environmental, our mold remediation company has found and gotten rid of mold that has caused homeowners so many problems. That said, it’s always preferable to prevent mold. Below are some ways you can do exactly that. 

However, sometimes, mold still sneaks in. Should it do so, our mold testing and remediation service can help. 

Fix the Leaks Before the Rains Come 

Many don’t really think about mold until after a storm. Southern California, for its well-deserved reputation as a sun-drenched paradise, does tend to get plenty of rain, particularly during the winter months. During this time of year, our mold remediation professionals are often quite busy. 

To help keep mold out, we recommend that, long before there’s any kind of storm, make sure to do everything you can to find and fix any potential leaks in your roof. Don’t just look at your roof, though: check your walls and plumbing as well. The more you can do to keep mold out, the better. 

Keeping Out Moisture Can Keep Out Mold 

The above having been said, “keeping mold out” is often about “keeping moisture out.” One great way to do exactly that: as soon your carpets or upholstery become soaked, remove them. Drying them as quickly as possible can work wonders. If they can’t be dried, replace them. 

By that same token, you may want to consider just not using carpeting in the areas of your home that may potentially have the most moisture. Your bathrooms, your basements, and so forth -if you think there’s going to be moisture there, think about not using carpet there. 

Utilize Humidity and Airflow 

Many don’t realize that maintaining the right level of humidity can help keep mold away as well. For the most part, studies recommend keeping humidity in your levels low. How low? Well, no higher than 50% for the entire day. You can do this that much easier through the careful use of a dehumidifier. 

Another way to help keep mold at bay: making sure your air flows through your home without impediment. That means having your clothes dryer as well as the exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen vent outside of your property. 

Mold Remediation


A Mold Remediation Company That Can Help Today 

One of the more frustrating aspects of mold is that you can do everything “right,” you can go through all of the best practices, yet mold can still wreak havoc on your property. That’s where we can help. Here at Scope Environmental, we have many, many years of experience in remediating mold. Our mold remediation can get rid of the mold, yes, but it can also restore your property as well. 

We know that mold doesn’t exactly keep a 9 to 5 schedule, so we don’t, either. We’re here 24/7. To see how we can help, message us through our site or call.