When there is mold inside your home, calling it a nuisance is an understatement. Maybe you have recently begun doing renovations and come across dark patches, or there is an unseemly smell lurking in your house–the discovery of mold can be a bit of a gut punch. The reason for this is that mold can cause serious damage, and left to flourish on its own, it can be very expensive to remove. Of course, there is also the fact that mold can be harmful to your health. Studies have shown that the inhalation of mold particles can cause respiratory issues with long-term exposure. Essentially, there are a number of valid reasons to want to eradicate any mold in your home as soon as it is discovered. Fortunately, working with an experienced mold removal service such as ours at SCOPE Environment Remediation can thoroughly extract mold from wherever it may be hiding in your home.

While you might know mold when you see it, you may be curious about exactly what it is. On a basic level, mold is a fungal growth. Mold thrives easily in damp places as well as on decaying organic matter (which is why it can be found in expiring food). There are many different forms of mold, and it can appear in a number of different colors. Mold can be found inside or outside of your home, and the most common culprit for its development is excess moisture. In southern California, the warm weather conditions can be especially hospitable to mold, so it is not an uncommon problem. Read on to learn how professional mold extraction works.

How Does Mold Removal Work?

After you have made the unfortunate discovery of mold in your home or office, you are going to want to contact a mold remediation service as soon as possible. These professionals will then come and make an in-person assessment of your mold problem. They will start by clearly marking the areas where mold is growing. They will then attack the mold with biocide, which is a chemical solution tailored to eradicate the bacteria and growth. They may also remove any drywall or carpeting that has been infected to prevent the further growth of mold. Some remediation companies will also deploy a fog through your home’s HVAC system as a way to destroy any mold spores or particles in the air.

These professional cleaners may wear protective suits and other gear so as to mitigate the health risks of mold. After allowing the chemical solution to set for 24 hours, they may paint the affected areas with a paint that contains a mildewcide to prevent the mold from coming back.

Mold Removal

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