“How can I keep my building safe from COVID-19?” “Is there some way you can clean my place so that the virus definitely isn’t here?” Those are some of the most common questions we’re asked. It’s easy to see why. Not long after the pandemic hit, we were all told, more or less “there will be a second wave in the winter.” With the colder temperatures, more people staying inside, it seemed inevitable. But, really, it’s like the first wave never stopped. Here at Scope Environmental, our cleaning and restoration company has helped folks throughout the pandemic with our disinfection and environmental remediation. 

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That’s how many pathogens our disinfection and environmental services can eliminate in your building. Yes, COVID-19 is included within that. Now, we didn’t say that it’s 100%, but it’s about as close as you can get to it. We always encourage clients (particularly our commercial ones) to practice social distancing. Washing your hands frequently, making hand sanitizer readily accessible, wearing masks, and more – by doing all of that on top of our disinfection and environmental remediation will make your location safe indeed. 

More than COVID-19 

That said, the “99.99%” does include COVID-19, yes, but it also covers far more than that, too. It means any number of dangerous pathogens. There are so many other viruses, bacteria, fungi, and germs that can cause real problems for your staff, customers, clients, and anyone else who comes through your building. Our services can even get the pathogens that might be in “hard to reach areas,” like ones hiding in the ducts, soil, and more. To us, 99.99% elimination means 99.99% elimination. 

How it Works 

First, we make sure that your location is isolated and contained. By shutting it off from the outside world, so to speak, we make sure that nothing new can get in. From there, we put on all of the hazmat suits, gloves, face masks with respirators, and more in a safe staging area. This allows us to safely enter your location and strategically place industrial purifier machines. If there are any spores in the air, they’re captured and eliminated. As this goes on, we use biocides (that have been approved by the EPA and CDC) to wipe down everything. When we say “everything,” we mean that, too. Should anything be kicked up in the air, so to speak, it’ll be caught by our purifiers. 

Call our Cleaning and Restoration Company Before Someone Falls Ill 

When it comes to COVID-19 (or really any dangerous pathogen) “prevention” is better than “reaction.” Yes, we have come in to clean facilities after someone has gotten the virus. However, it’s better for everyone if we come in and do so before that occurs. If you have any reason to suspect that your location is anything less than 100% safe, we’re more than glad to help. You can reach Scope Environmental twenty-four hours a day at (855) 961-2660.