It’s not easy to see your house underwater. This is something you can’t control. What you can control is to restore it immediately. Thankfully, you don’t have to clean up the mess. There’s a water damage restoration in Los Angeles that can help you get through it. 

Hiring a Water Damage Restoration in Los Angeles 

Flooding can cause extensive water damage. And if you don’t restore your home properly, it can’t be safe for you and your family to go back. 

When you hire Scope Environmental to restore your house, we will pump out all the water. We will also remove all debris. Our team is trained on how to properly remove sewage waste if there’s any. 

Wood Removal

This is important because if you don’t allow the wood to dry out properly, you’re allowing mold to grow and inviting issues to arise. For instance, the wood will be infested with insects. 

To avoid those issues, we will remove them. Before we replace it, though, we make sure that any mold has not spread to other parts of your house. That’s why we clean your home from top to bottom so you won’t have to face issues about invisible mold later on. 

Sanitization and Clean Up 

Floodwater is contaminated. For that reason, you need to properly clean your house and replace porous materials with new ones. And if you have carpet flooring, it has to be removed as well. 

But we’ll do our best to salvage it. Salvaging it will depend on the extent of the damage. Don’t worry, if we can’t restore the carpet, we’ll tell you first before we discard it.  

Repair of Your Walls 

Molds can easily thrive within the walls. For that reason, opening the walls is part of our process of water damage restoration. In that way, we won’t miss anything. It will also help us prevent mold and structural decay. 

Keep in mind that even if the walls appear okay, their integrity might already be compromised. In that case, we don’t take any chances. For the safety of your family, we will remove the walls and repair them if necessary. 

Home Insurance 

Dealing with your home insurance company can be a struggle. And we know that it’s the last thing you want to deal with after a flood. For that reason, our team will take care of it as part of our water damage restoration procedure. 

Scope Environmental has been working closely with various companies in LA. In that case, we know how to streamline the process so we can provide your insurer the complete documentation that it needs to process your claim. 

Whatever water damage issues you are facing, Scope Environmental is here to help you out. We don’t only restore flood water damage but we also offer water damage restoration because of fire and heavy rain. 

If your home is flooded, you should call our water damage restoration in Los Angeles right away. Contact us today to get a free estimate: (855) 961 – 2660.