Have you begun to worry that there might be mold in your home? Were there recent rains in the Southern California area and you’re concerned that something just feels, well, wrong where you live? Then you very well may have problems with mold. Fortunately, we can help. Here at Scope, we’ve been providing mold remediation in Los Angeles and the surrounding area for many years. Now, we can put that experience to work for you. Yes, there are some small steps that you can take to mitigate mold damage. However, the best possible course of action is to leave the “heavy lifting,” so to speak, to the pros. 

Dangers of Mold 

“It’s just a little mold. How bad could it be?” For some of you, that may sound a bit absurd. But, it’s certainly a question that, in one form or another, has crossed many folks’ minds. After all, as busy as everyone is these days, it’s entirely possible to either try to ignore that you may have mold in your home or, more likely, to procrastinate doing something about it. Both are bad ideas. The truth is that mold can lead to serious health concerns for you and your family alike. Mold can trigger allergies, or worse, cause serious respiratory problems. Mold is, quite literally, one of the last things you would ever want in your home. Thus, it makes sense to get rid of it as quickly and thoroughly as possible. 

Where Mold Could Grow

The easy answer to this is essentially “anywhere there could be moisture in your home.” If there’s sitting water in your home or on your property for any length of time, then you may see mold growing in there. That said, there’s also plenty of mold that grows where it can’t possibly be seen by the naked eye. That can be some of the most insidious kinds of mold, in that they can cause serious damage to your property and your person without you having the slightest idea it is there. 

Where could those areas be? Well, it could be behind your wallpaper or your paneling. You’d like to think that, if mold were in those areas, you’d be able to see it, through stains or something similar. While that may sometimes be the case, it’s far from always. Essentially, mold can grow anywhere moisture can get. 

So, often, we’ll find moisture on the back of drywall, inside ceiling tiles, on the underside of carpets, piping in walls, and similar locations. Remember: mold doesn’t need to take long to grow. It can happen anywhere from as long as ten days to as short as one. 

Steps You Can Take 

The truth is, as a homeowner, there’s only so much you can do to deal with mold yourself. Serious mold problems require serious techniques, serious machines, and experts – all of which we can provide. That said, there are some steps you can take to mitigate the damage mold can do in your home. The key to controlling mold is to control moisture in your home. Thus, you want to do what you can to keep moisture from creeping into various parts of your home. 

How can you do that? Dealing with water problems as quickly as possible, for starters. Do you believe you have a plumbing leak or something similar? Deal with it fast. If you do see mold, scrub it with water as well as detergent. Water, by itself, may not be enough. 

Then, the next step is to dry it completely. It’s easy to overlook that, to just think “well, I washed it off, I’m good.” No, dry it. That way, you get all of the moisture. 

Mold Remediation Los Angeles

Pro Mold Remediation in Los Angeles 

More often than not, if you have a problem with mold, the best course of action is to reach out to us. As mold remediation experts, we have access as well as experience with all kinds of techniques and technology that the lay person doesn’t. 

The first step of our mold remediation is, often, to conduct a thorough inspection. That way, we can determine exactly how much mold there is and moreover where it is. You now know that mold could be in areas invisible to the naked eye. However, that mold is not invisible to us. We can find it and do something about it. 

Professional trained and certified by the IICRC in mold remediation as well as in water damage restoration, we know how to take care of mold in a way that, often, can return your property to a pre-damage state. 

Don’t hesitate to call (855) 961-2660 when contacting SCOPE Environmental Remediation Company if you ever need mold removal services.