With all this recent rain we’ve had, have you noticed a roof leak in your home or property? Have you or someone in your property started to smell musty odors or worse feel ill? In the month of February, prime flu season, it could very well be some kind of seasonal illness. However, when the rains come, mold often follows them. For many Southern California properties, a roof leak (even a tiny, minuscule one) could be the precursor to a genuine mold problem. If you’ve noticed even a slightly leaky roof, it could be time for professional mold cleanup

mold cleanup

How a Roof Leak in Your Home Leads to Mold 

Mold comes from moisture. The more moisture there is around, the greater the opportunity that there will be mold. Moreover, the longer that the moisture is allowed to linger, the worse the mold can become. So, if you have a roof leak that leads to mold, hopefully, it’s a very limited growth. That would be one where there’s plenty of ventilation near the moisture. That ventilation, then, eliminates any additional moisture which could help the mold to grow that much more. So, then, the fix centers around this area, as opposed to a wider one. 

What a Leaky Roof in Your Attic Could Mean 

A roof leak in an attic presents more problems. Most of us aren’t in our attics all that often. So, you might not know that you have a roof leak for some time. During that time, the mold can grow unchecked. Unfortunately, it can grow and grow. On top of that, attics can tend to be quite damp. When an area is “damp,” that means, by definition, there’s moisture. Thus, there’s plenty of fuel for the mold. Should there be a mold problem in your attic, it can lead to extensive work. So, after a heavy rain, it’s worth going around your attic to see if there was any leaking, moisture, or something similar. 

Mold Cleanup Before it Worsens 

Are you worried that there might be some kind of mold growing in your home or on your property? One of the truly scary things about mold is that you might not know it’s there until it’s too late. Sure, you might be able to smell mold’s musty, strong scent before you see it, but that also means it’s probably too late to avoid mold’s negative health effects. Moisture can literally seep into the areas of your property you can’t see, growing mold far out of human sight. Here at Scope Environmental, we’re an IICRC Certified firm. That means we practice strict adherence to IICRC standards. 

Finding Mold and Fixing It 

What the above means is that we can give your property a thorough and comprehensive examination. Should it be necessary, we can utilize thermal imaging to see if there’s mold in the areas that quite literally can’t be seen. We offer top-notch mold as well as black mold removal so as to keep our customers and their properties safe. For more, call (855) 961-2660.