Are you worried about what to do should fire and smoke damage your property? Do you know what to do if, during fire season (or any other season) your home or commercial building catches on fire? As smoke and fire damage restoration Los Angeles professionals, we can tell you that the first course of action should be to call us. We can be there at any time, day or night, to help. That said, we understand that most folks want to be as prepared as possible. Below are some points to consider. 

Part of What Makes Smoke so Damaging 

When you see your beloved possessions covered with soot, your first instinct, naturally, may be to try to wipe them off, one after the other. Unfortunately, that could damage them even worse. Smoke is, by its nature, corrosive. So, if you do touch something with your hands, it’s entirely possible that some finishes, metals, and the like would be damaged even worse (due to your finger oils, acidic by-products of the smoke, and other factors). Indeed, due to the heat of fire, some tapes, and films inside a seemingly perfectly fine container could be far more damaged than the container holding them. As ever, the best bet is to call the professionals quickly. 

What Not to Do After a Fire 

You know not to touch anything that’s wet or any electrical appliances that have been anywhere near a fire. However, in keeping with the idea of “don’t touch anything wet,” you don’t want to use any fixtures on the ceiling if the ceiling is wet as well. That could damage them as well as your person. In fact, we strongly recommend against touching much of anything as you could potentially pass soot from one item to another. Never use a vacuum or machine with brushes on fabrics covered in soot, as they too will deposit the soot on some of your other possessions. 

What You Should Do After a Fire 

Yes, we want you to call us so that we can help with the fire damage remediation. That said, we’re not the only call you should make. Be sure to reach out to your insurance company, too. Tell them exactly what happened. If you haven’t updated your insurance in some time, “before you have to deal with fire damage” is one of the best times to do it. 

Smoke and Fire Damage Cleanup in Los Angeles for You 

We know how destabilizing it can be to deal with damage from fire and smoke. It can feel like your entire life has been upended. However, we can also tell you that, over the years, we’ve been able to provide remediation and restoration services that many of our clients thought were impossible. That doesn’t mean that we’ll be able to save everything. But, it does mean that we’ll be able to return perhaps far more of your property than you thought to a pre-loss state. Call us any time at (855) 961-2660. 

For the most comprehensive smoke and fire damage restoration Los Angeles trusts, call us at (855) 961-2660.