Are you ready for the fire season? In the event that fire damage strikes your home, are you prepared? The truth is that you can only do so much to be prepared for a fire. Often, folks do everything “right’ and their home or commercial building still catches fire. When it does, that’s not the end. Our fire damage in Los Angeles professionals can arrive at your property quickly and work to restore it to a pre-fire state. There are some actions you may want to consider taking which can provide real benefits should there be a fire. 

Review All of Your Insurance Documents and Others

If you’ve listened to our podcast, then you know the importance of making sure that your insurance documents are up to date. If your homeowners’ and/or renters’ insurance is insufficient, now would be the time to remedy that – long before your home is threatened by fire. You want to make sure that you’re as covered as you feel comfortable with in terms of replacing your belongings and/or rebuilding your home in the event of a fire. 

A Space You Can Defend 

Take a walk around the outside of your property, whether it’s a residential or commercial building. What do you see? Again, there’s no way to 100% make your property fireproof. However, there are steps you can take which can put you in a better position to keep your property safe from fire. One such method: building a space you can defend. Doing this might be a bit easier than you think. Simply make a perimeter around your property that’s roughly 30 feet or so. “Making a perimeter,” in this context, usually means moving out what’s fire-prone: vegetation, furniture, even debris. Do that, and your home will have a better chance of staying free from fire. 

If You Can Do It, a Room You Can Defend 

Some owners of more at-risk homes may want to designate one specific room in the house that can be entirely closed off to outside air. This is a good fit for all of the N95 (or even KN95) masks that you may have had from the pandemic. In this room, you’re going to want a portable air purifier in this room as well. This is one more way that may keep you and yours potentially protected from fire. 

Experience Fire Damage Los Angeles Restoration

Here at Scope Environmental, we’re fully certified by the IICRC to perform any and all fire-related restoration services. Specifically, we specialize in fire, smoke, and soot damage repair. The remediation process contains many different facts, not the least of which is how we clean your air of micro-allergens, carcinogens, and even tiny sport particles. That will make your property more livable, of course, while also making it smell better, too. We sanitize all of your contents so that your home is safe for you and your loved ones to enjoy again. Call us any time at (855) 961-2660.