Knowing the facts regarding smoke removal is crucial to ensure that you do all that is possible to rid your house of smoke odor, which may persist for a long time after a fire has been extinguished.

Usually, a homeowner would need help to tackle something like this. When a fire breaks out, there are always underlying threats that might have long-term consequences if not addressed. For instance, the central air conditioner in your house might lose performance owing to the accumulation of soot residue left by the smoke if you don’t clean it out. After clearing out the wreckage from a fire, you should take precautions to prevent another blaze before having a professional come in to remove the lingering odor of smoke.

Call a professional smoke removal service like us if you’ve had a fire in your house before you switch on the central air conditioner again. We’ll use an industrial hygrometer to determine your home’s relative humidity, then eliminate lingering scents and residue at their origin. Here are Smoke Removal Facts You Should Know Before You Call Us:

Smoke Damage Can Cause Allergic Reactions

Our goal is to provide you with the information necessary to prevent smoke from wreaking havoc in your house. The fact that smoke removal might trigger allergic responses is crucial knowledge. While unknown, smoke includes airborne particles that may damage human health. Even after the fire has been put out, these particles may linger in the air for quite some time. This smoke becomes much more dangerous when it combines with particles in the air, such as dust or pet dander, found in the house.

A lack of ventilation often brings on smoke damage. Even if you believe your windows are open enough to let the smoke out, they may not be. The residue from prior fires may trap new smoke inside your property, making the damage from the current fire more badly. Do not delay calling the professionals if you discover smoke in your house. We’ll clean up the ash and smoke, so there’s no danger of it returning to haunt you.

Consider Some Removal Since It Affects More Than Just Your Home’s Structure

One would imagine homeowners thoroughly cleaning their houses before calling for professional smoke removal. However, this is only sometimes the case. Smoke damage may occur in even the cleanest, most meticulously kept place after exposure to smoke from a fire or other catastrophe. 

Understanding the nature and extent of smoke damage is crucial. Since smoke residue is oil-based, it may adhere to and be absorbed into your home’s porous surfaces and furnishings (including wood, carpet, fabric, etc.). It may hide in your home’s air ducts and other inconspicuous places, so you might only see the damage it does for a short time. As a homeowner, you should be aware of the various issues that smoke residue may create. Smoke residue is unhealthy for you and your family, and the lingering smell may be unpleasant for weeks or months afterward.

Smoke Damage Can Lead To Mold Growth and Mold Infestations

Smoke has a way of creeping up on you. It’s not often obvious how much harm it’s causing until it’s too late, and putting off dealing with it worsens things. In a smoke-damaged house, mold will likely have already colonized the walls, ceiling, and insulation. That is if water was used to put out the fire. You and your loved ones might develop respiratory disorders like asthma, allergies, or even difficulty breathing. The mold spores in your house or company may cause several challenges, including health problems and damage to the building itself. If smoke has entered your home, you should take immediate action; the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to remove the odor.

To effectively repair smoke damage and avoid further complications, it is essential to contact a professional restoration company, such as ours, as soon as possible. To eliminate smoke residue, we have the equipment and knowledge to do it quickly and thoroughly. Using our specialist equipment, the metal parts of your light fixtures and appliances will be cleaned with the walls, tile, carpets, and upholstery.

Smoke Removal

Smoke Damage Can Be Dangerous For Your Health

Unresolved smoke damage might pose serious health risks if not addressed. Ammonia, formaldehyde, and hydrogen cyanide are just a few of the potentially toxic compounds left behind by cigarette smoke. The risk of exposure to these chemicals increases the longer they are left in your house. This is particularly true if you were in the smoke for a long time or if you breathed it in. Respiratory issues, asthma episodes, and pulmonary edema are all potentially fatal outcomes of prolonged exposure to smoke residue.

So, please contact us as quickly as possible after a house fire. We have the training and tools to clean the air in your house of any leftover traces of smoking. We’ll also evaluate the fire damage and let you know whether it’s safe to return or if any repairs need to be completed beforehand. Scope Environmental Remediation is an IICRC-certified firm. Contact us, we have live operators 24/7.