You may have called us in the past for fire damage restoration in Los Angeles or similar services. During this current moment, one of the many ways we’ve been able to help our customers is through cleaning and disinfecting for COVID-19 and similar pathogens. Following and meeting all rules and regulations, we’ve enabled so many businesses and homes to be 99.99% free of the infectious disease. As time goes on, more and more about the virus is discovered. Recently, research showed that it is transmitted through aerosols. 

Beyond Washing Your Hands 

Make no mistake, washing your hands often is a good idea. However, research has begun to show that washing your hands can only do so much to protect you from COVID-19. For example, you’d have to touch your face rather quickly after having touched an infected surface to get the disease. By that same token, droplets, which come from an infected person sneezing or coughing, is another all-too-common way that people get infected. However, both have shown that they’re less common than aerosols. 

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What Aerosols Are 

Aerosols are perhaps better known by most people as airborne transmission. So, it may behoove you to think of the COVID-19 pathogen as hanging in the air for a period of time. Often, they can only stay up there for minutes. However, there are cases where they’ve been able to do so for hours. Alas, it’s not like you can avoid these, either. To use the example from this article, “the diameter of a human hair is about 80 micros, and aerosols smaller than about 50 microns can float in the air long enough to be inhaled.” 

Why You Didn’t Hear This Before 

If this sounds like the kind of thing that you would have wanted to hear earlier in the pandemic, that’s understandable. However, the pandemic really got going in mid-March in most of the United States. As of this writing, it’s September. In that time, so many resources from around the world have gone into COVID-19 and figuring out how to help people. Indeed, speaking for ourselves at Scope Environmental, once the pandemic began, we developed the kinds of deep cleaning and disinfection services that can help our clients to keep their homes and businesses open. 

More than Fire Damage Restoration in Los Angeles: What Can Be Done 

It’s natural to read something about how these tiny aerosols can hold COVID-19 in the air for hours and feel powerless. However, there are actions you can take. There are things you can do. For example, if you are concerned that someone has come into your building or your home that may have the disease, we can step in. With our unique four step process we can eliminate the pathogens that could make you or anyone who comes into your building sick. During this time, we’re still offering all of our other services as well. If you need help with water damage restoration, mold remediation, or any of that, we’ve got you. But, we can help with COVID-19 as well. For more information, call us at (855) 961-2660.