Has your home or other property been damaged by water and you don’t know what to do? Or, alternatively, in the wake of water damage, do you feel like you can restore your home yourself? When water damage strikes, it can be disorienting in so many ways. Your home, your sanctuary, has not just been damaged, but been made less safe by something that you really can’t control. It can be tempting to try to fix it yourself, but that’s far from the best course of action. Our water damage restoration in Los Angeles can help in many ways. 

Where Water Damage Comes From 

It’s natural to think that “water damage only comes from precipitation.” In many ways, that’s true. Particularly here in Southern California, while heavy rains do occur during certain seasons, often, we’re unprepared for them. However, when the rains do fall and the floods do rise, it’s important to note that “water damage” can come from so much more than just the water itself. 

To use flooding as example, the damage that follows in the wake of flooding could include broken pipes, plumbing fixtures that leak (causing further damage), or even tree damage (from trees crashing into your property) heavy rain damage, and more. All of this is some form of water damage. Over the years, we’ve helped so many to deal with water damage in several forms. 

What You Can Do 

It’s so tempting to try to deal with water damage yourself. It’s your home, your property, you want to do right by it. However, that’s why you should call in the pros. No matter how hard you work, how much research you do and how much time you put in, you won’t have the same expertise and technology as the professionals.

To use an example, yes, you may be able to remove some of the more obvious problems. If there’s standing water, perhaps you can remove it. If you see water damage on some of your property, you may be able to remove your property. However, all of that will be fraught, as your person as well as your property will be at risk. 

Moreover, you could still have lingering problems even if you do everything right. Consider: mold can grow anywhere there’s moisture. Thus, if there’s moisture underneath your flooring, in your walls, and elsewhere you can’t see, that can grow and weaken your property while harming the health of everyone under your roof. No one wants that. The pros here can help to keep that from happening. 

Calling in the Pros 

To be able to fix water damage, first, you have to know where all of the damage is. Moreover, you have to know where all of the water is, too. When water damages a home or other kind of property, it rarely leaves entirely on its own. Thus, that’s why one of the very first things we do when we arrive is to perform a comprehensive inspection. That way, we can determine exactly where all of the water and damage in your property might be. 

How are we able to do that? Through the most technologically-advanced thermal imaging tech, moisture sensors, and similar machinery. Then, once we’ve figured out where it is, we can put together a tailored treatment plan for your home. 

Water Damage Restoration Los Angeles

Water Damage Restoration in Los Angeles Experts 

Once we’ve put together a plan of action for your home, the next step is to get right to work removing all of the standing water. That standing water can lead to serious, significant issues. The longer it stands there, the more dangerous it becomes: in terms of mold, in terms of weakening your property, and so much more. We do everything in our power to make sure that standing water gets out of there pronto. 

Just removing the water completely, of course, isn’t enough. The next step is then to dry and dehumidify any area that’s been damaged. It has to be completely and utterly dried. Again, this is another reason to work with the pros: it’s essentially impossible for you to dry the damaged areas enough on your own. Any moisture that’s allowed to stay in there can lead to serious problems down the line. 

Indeed, that’s why we then transition to the next step, cleaning and sanitizing any area with damage as possible. This too is to make sure that moisture can’t creep in, that mold has no foothold from which to grow. By doing all of this, we can begin to restore your home or property to a pre-loss condition. 

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