In your home or place of work, have people started feeling ill and you aren’t sure why? Do you worry that there’s something in those places making people sick and you can’t quite figure out what it is? The truth is that you may have a black mold problem. This kind of mold can be pernicious because you probably won’t be able to see it, yet it can cause all kinds of problems. Here at Scope Environmental Remediation, we have years of experience in mold remediation. We can restore your building to a mold-free environment. 


Dangers of Black Mold 


A little bit of mold probably isn’t a problem. Unfortunately, what may be a “little bit of mold” often doesn’t stay that way for long. Soon, it can become large amounts of mold. That’s where the mold can cause any number of concerns. Many people have allergies, but too much mold can create strong allergic reactions, even leading to respiratory problems. The greatest potential for harm comes from being exposed to mold for extended periods of time. 

mold remediation

What Prolonged Exposure Can Do to Your Body 


Too often, most people who are exposed to mold for a long time won’t know it. They’ll just be in their homes or sitting at their offices, wondering why their health has deteriorated. They may know about the black mold just out of sight, behind the walls, beneath the carpet, in the ceiling, or similar hidden locations. However, it will be possible to ignore the sinus congestion, the constant running nose, the itchy eyes, and even worse. If this goes on too long, it can make it difficult to breathe, irritating the throat, causing rashes, sneezing, or even neurological problems and death. The key to this is to get rid of the mold before it becomes that serious a problem. 


How Mold Creeps In 


In a word, moisture. That’s where mold comes from. When your roof leaks, when your building floods, should there be plumbing problems or similar concerns – these can all lead to mold. What makes it especially pernicious is that it may not seem like you have a problem for a long period of time. It could feel like you cleaned everything up, and yet, in time, mold problems develop. That’s where we come in. 


Scope Environmental Mold Remediation 


Simply put, we go in and get the mold where it is. That means we use thermal imaging and other technology to find where the mold is and remove it. As an IICRC-certified firm, we adhere to their strict standards for evaluation. So, we’re able to clean or even remove contaminated materials, all while protecting workers that are performing the task. The truth is that getting rid of mold is one of those jobs that has to be done right the first time. Otherwise, the mold will find a way back in. To make sure that your mold is gone and your building secure, you can give us a call at (818) 572-9008.