If you own a home, you are required to obtain a homeowners insurance which may or may not cover water damage. Now, when your ceiling starts to drip or the plumbing leaks, you may consider filing a claim. 

Most homeowners insurance includes water damage. Unfortunately, insurers would do everything to ensure that your claim amount is low. Don’t worry. These tips will help you maximize your claim. 

water damage

Maximizing Water Damage Claim to Obtain the Right Coverage 

Minimize the Damage 

You should take the necessary steps to limit the water damage when it arises. Your insurer will deny your claim if he thinks that you did not intervene or stop the damage. 

The actions you can take will vary depending on the water damage you experience. For instance, if the plumbing leaks, make sure to turn off the water to the house. A roof leak can be alleviated by putting a tarp. 

Call the right profession to mitigate the damage. Our water damage specialists know the actions to take to curb the damage. Then, with your permission, we can start repairing it. We can also help in filing a claim to your homeowner’s insurance.

Gather Proof 

When assessing your claim, your insurer will require proof that your home has experienced water damage. In that case, make sure to take photos of the damage. You may use your smartphones to capture those details. 

Taking a video may also help to support the photos. Videos are convincing and give the insurance adjuster a new perspective on the damage. In some cases, videos can be used when the claim is taken to court. As you take videos on the scene, make sure that you describe what you see. 

You should also create an inventory of the damaged. Make sure to include the value of every item that has been damaged and the cost to replace it. 

We can assist you in creating quotes and reports that will explain what happened. Our team is familiar with this process so we can recommend the right steps to take. Also, we can perform quick repairs to prevent the damage from causing more harm. 

Report the Incident 

After you have gathered evidence, make sure to contact your insurer. It is not a good idea to delay it as it can affect your claim. Make sure that you have your policy number because your insurer will ask for it. 

But this overall process can be unnerving. If it is too overwhelming for you, contact our restoration specialist to assess the situation. We can also file a claim on your behalf. Our team specialists in making successful claims regardless of the damage size. 

When you call our water damage restoration team, we will immediately start the restoration process. We are available 24/7 for any water damage emergencies. In some cases, you cannot wait for your insurance company to approve your claim before the restoration process starts. We will make sure that your claim is a success as we work on restoring your house that has been damaged. 

Call our water damage specialists anytime at (888) 504-5525. We are available 24/7.