Fire and mold are not connected on the surface. Mold grows in wet areas while fire can burn houses. But there is a connection between the two when you dig deeper. What connection is it? Water. And this is where water damage restoration in Los Angeles is helpful after a fire or flood. 

Fire damage can provide opportunities for molds to grow. Indeed, water can stop a fire. However, it causes the house to be flooded with water. 

Keep in mind that firefighters utilize a huge amount of water to stop the flames. Mold can grow anywhere when there is water. And the excess water after the fire has been extinguished can easily invite molds. 

Because of that, you must consider hiring a water damage restoration team after a fire. 

Water Damage Restoration in Los Angeles to Eliminate Active Molds 

Some homeowners may choose to clean their house after a fire. Indeed, they are quick to act. They can remove any standing water quickly. They may utilize dehumidifiers and want to ensure that the humidity will return to an acceptable level. 

But without proper water damage restoration procedure, some black mold will not die. If you did not use a professional water elimination technique, standing water will remain somewhere. 

It can invite mold to grow. Keep in mind that mold only requires oxygen, moisture, food, and warmth to survive. 

Even if the mold has been dried out, it can still become active. That’s why even if you have removed excess moisture, your worries are not done yet. 

If any water makes it to the fungi, they are reactivated. It means that they will start to produce spores again and spread to other parts of your house. 

And this is the reason you need a water damage restoration team to clean your entire house after a fire or a flood. Indeed, you will need to invest in this service. But it is worth the investment considering the benefits it can offer in the long run. 

water damage restoration in Los Angeles

At Scope Environmental Restoration Inc., our professional team can clean your home and will leave no stone unturned. You must never attempt to clean mold on your own. Keep in mind that its spores can affect your brain. It also affects the skin and your breathing functions. It is best to leave this task to the experts. 

SCOPE is the leader in water cleanup and restoration. We do not only restore your property but we will also restore your peace of mind with the right mitigation techniques. We adhere to IICRC standards to lower claims costs. We work directly with insurers to ensure that your claim is filed properly and will be processed immediately. 

It is stressful to deal with fire damage. There are many negative outcomes of it. And one of them is mold growth. But you do not have to worry about the cleanup. 

When you contact our water damage restoration Los Angeles team, you can be sure that any current and potential mold will be removed. Our specialists will neutralize the toxins and remove all standing water that can stop mold to grow. To get a free estimate of our services, make sure to contact SCOPE at (888) 504 – 5525.