“So, what does your mold cleanup consist of?” That might be one of the more common questions that we’re asked here at Scope. The truth is that mold can be a problem in your home, commercial establishment, or any other building at any time. Really, all you need for mold to be a possibility is moisture. Of course, this blog is written in March in Los Angeles, which means that we’re entering spring – a time when LA can get plenty of rain. Our mold remediation procedures can not only get rid of your mold but help your building return to its pre-mold state. 

Mold Cleanup Inspection 

With our mold services, we provide a thorough inspection. When we say “thorough,” we mean it. We know that there are other places that might say they’re doing a “thorough” or “comprehensive” inspection, only for it to be a “once over” at best. That’s not what we do. We arrive at your building and then, our trained, expert professionals will go all through your building, looking for mold or any signs of mold. Additionally, we use the most advanced technology, too. That way, we can see if there’s mold in the walls, under the floors, and so forth – we can find the mold that’s hidden from the naked eye 

Lab Analysis

Finding mold is never “good.” That said, not all mold is “toxic.” Mold remediation is a good thing, getting mold out of your building is always a net positive, but not all molds are as bad for the health of you, your family, your customers/staff, and your pets as the worst mold. So, with our standard “cleanup” services, after our inspection, we’ll take what we find back to the lab and run a thorough analysis of it. From there, we’ll know the definitive truth. 


Then, once we have the definitive truth, we’ll bring it to you. We don’t just email you the report and then call it a day. Instead, we’re always glad to talk about the report. We can go over the report with you in great detail, letting you know what we found, what we didn’t find, as well as what the best way to move forward is. If you don’t have a mold problem, we’ll let you know that. Hopefully, you don’t have a mold problem. That said, if there is something seriously wrong, we can spring right into action cleaning it up. 

Beyond Mold Cleanup 

Should you need it, we can apply the best, most advanced mold remediation tech and methods to your building. To that end, we have all of the training and certification necessary to remediate your mold situation. That said, often, mold doesn’t appear in a vacuum. It could be a result of water damage, it could come from the water used to battle fire damage, and more. If you need help with damage from mold, water, fire, and more, our professionals can be there to help. Our live operators are available 24/7 at: (855) 961-2660. Contact us!